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Covid-19 Home Survival Guide

Covid-19 got you worried? Of course it does. Not to mention cabin fever and having to use face cloths for toilette paper... We're all thrown off regular life and going a little bananas at times. Thank God for the doctors, nurses, volunteers and retailers around the world for keeping us safe and stocked up!
First off, we found a toilet paper subscription service but they've been "wiped" out recently. So keep an eye on this site:
Have you tried Yaymaker? It's extremely relaxing to paint and let your mind wander.
The obvious must have for heavy netflix days like these is a vape or bong and some of that green stuff from the dispensary. Lucky for you has 20% off everything on the site. Use promo code: GLASS20 (up to May the 4th)
Here are some funny movies we've watched this week: ACOD (adult children of divorce), Search Party and Unfinished Business.
And finally, let's remember to augment our immune systems. Here's a tastey vitamin C and lavender enriched sample set to give you a boost.