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3 Topical CBD massage products you have to try

The best Hemp Oil for Massage should be all natural, contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds and stay silky smooth for as long as an area needs a good work over before fully absorbing and doing it’s magic on the inside. No need for an oily wipe down.

Taima Topicals Hemp CBD Massage Oil has achieved all of the above criteria with their broad spectrum hemp CBD massage oil products. 

The freeze factor of the Shae butter menthol cooling cream penetrates deeply within about 15 minutes and puts your muscles at ease for hours. Applied 2 or 3 times a day can help you forget about those less than comfortable areas of your poor body.

Last but not least, a very unique product is their personal massage roller pain stick with 500mg of CBD infused cooling gel.  Perfect for pressure points in the hands feet knees, hips and forearms. 

Of course it's always best to balance out your CBD treatment from the inside as well. A full spectrum tincture such as the Goldleaf Tincture Drops used with a topical product is ideal for maximum ongoing relief.